iCare™ is an easy way for you to send a gift to an inmate for a birthday, holiday, or just to say you care.  A variety of packages offer unique items from well known brands like Frito-Lay, Hershey, Dove, Top Ramen, Gatorade and more.  There are packages to suit all tastes and needs from healthy options to seasonal favorites to spicy snacks and everyday essentials. Check out what’s available at your facility today.   All packages have been pre-approved by the facility so you can rest assured your gift will be delivered

iCare also offers fresh restaurant-quality meals  and home-cooked staples through our FreshFavorites program (available at select locations) Choose from a variety of classics like burgers and pizza to flavorful entrees and even meals under 500 calories.

Why iCare
The iCare Gift Program is a powerful, convenient way to tell an offender that they have the support of their loved ones no matter the occasion. Studies have shown that family support is a key driver in keeping offenders from returning to the correctional system.

According to the Urban Institute Study on recidivism:

  • Perhaps the greatest resource in reentry planning is the family.  Families are an important source of housing, emotional support, financial resources, and overall stability for returning prisoners.”
iCare provides a great way for families and friends to show their support and let the offender know they are thinking about them.